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Creative Rhythm Metronome

Developer: AmparoSoft
0.99 usd

Creative Metronome is a quality tool that every serious musician must have. It’s a 20-600 bpm accurate stereo metronome with advanced rhythmic capabilities. Carefully designed to be simple yet powerful, will make you explore your practice in imaginative ways. Learn how to practice, master the rhythm of short complex sections, use it as a simple accompaniment or even make it a compositional aid tool. Ideal for piano, drums, guitar, o any other instrument.About the "Read only access to phone state" permission. This apps only needs this permission, which allows it to keep playing while returning to the home screen or opening another app, and to be able to stop sound immediately when a phone call is detected.
Presets and settings are now backed up to sdcard partition. This requires a new permission (modify SD card content), and allows users' settings and presets to be kept even if the app is uninstalled. This information resides in [sdcard]/amparosoft/com.amparosoft.progressivemetronome/settings. This settings can be transferred to another device by copying this folder to its corresponding location, or deleted after uninstalling the app if this is desired.
Privacy PolicyWe think that in today's digital world privacy is of the utmost importance. You can read the complete policy here:
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It features:- Build your own bar with different rhythms per beat- Accurate Timing- Up to 600 bpm- 3D Animated- Accent every x beats- Rhythm Subdivisions- Stereo sound, left channel is the normal metronome, right plays your rhythms- Customizable presets (save your favorite settings)- Automatic Speed Trainer.